The clubhouse of Panorama Golf Resort is an architectonic landmark of the area and will surely belong to one of the most distinctive clubhouses not only in the Czech republic. From the beginning of the project, all interested creators were aiming not only for the creation of basic facilities for golfers but for the creation of work of art in harmony with nature, which will underline the beauty of the Posázaví area and golf itself.


Prof. Ing. Arch. Martin Rajniš, who was awarded the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2014, is the creator of the architectonic design of the clubhouse at Panorama Golf Resort. This well-known Czech architect and town planner, the co-founder of the Czech Chamber of Architects takes pride in many projects, whose main aim is to harmonize with their surroundings and are characterized by their composition mainly of wood, stone and glass. Prof. Ing. Arch. Rajniš as founder of various architectonic studios and groups was previously dedicated to the creation of projects of larger format, among the most well known, Department Store Máj and Shopping Mall Nový Smíchov. Over time he has moved towards the creation of projects of smaller format, however equally highly recognized by specialists and general public.


This renowned architectonic studio was founded in 2012 by Prof. Ing. Arch. Martin Rajniš together with MGA. David Kubík. The prevailing characteristic of this studio is creation of projects in harmony with their natural surrounding, work with natural materials and innovative creations of both the constructions and their design.
You can find the following among the most well known projects of this architectonic studio: Post Anežka at Sněžka, Lighthouse and Museum of Jára Cimrman in Jizerské hory or the premises of Lucerna Gallery in Prague.


The interior design of the clubhouse, restaurant and hotel at Panorama Golf Resort was forged in the studio of Ing. Arch. Mojmír Ranný. The founder of the company RANNÝ ARCHITECTS, which has been operating in the Czech market for more than 20 years, created the design of many well-known buildings, for example the Proton Therapy Centre, Hotel Emblem or the administrative building of Zentiva. He was the first in the Czech republic to open a thriving furniture showroom already in 1993. All his works and designs are marked with perfect design, functionality and first class quality. Ing. Arch. Mojmír Ranný is one of the most distinctive personalities of contemporary Czech architecture.


RANNÝ ARCHITECTS has been functioning in the Czech market since 1989. This renowned architectonic studio does not only work on the architectonic design of buildings and their interiors, the company Design Studio, founded in 1994 and offering products of original design according to the client’s wishes, also belongs under this trademark. The main emphasis, at the time of creation of products with the RANNÝ ARCHITECTS brand, is on the use of findings about ergonomics, ecology and modern technologies, which contribute to the resulting high quality and original design. Not only do many well know and significant people around the world own original products coming from this studio, those products will also be seen in the interior of the clubhouse of Panorama Golf Resort.